Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Room temperature

Dear Blog,

We have concluded time and time again that 77 degrees is as low as we need to set the thermostat in this house. The reasons for this are rather plentiful. First of all, it's a nice, comfortable temperature. Secondly, this house has vaulted ceilings, which make it more expensive to cool. Also, the air conditioner is confirmed to be bottom of the line, and is therefore very inefficient. Finally, we aren't effing rich, so we need to at least TRY and minimize the monthly wallet floggings by the utility company.

The thing that absolutely boggles the mind is that, despite our agreement and despite the numerous reasons for reaching said agreement, SOMEBODY KEEPS SETTING THE THERMOSTAT TO 75 DEGREES!!!! Sometimes it is set EVEN LOWER!

I don't know which roommate is guilty in this case, but I'm relatively certain that the blame rests squarely on the shoulders of the one we have come to affectionately refer to as "The Ice Queen." Fortunately for her, lower temperatures slow the decay of corpses.

Thank you.


  1. sheez, at at home ,i usually keep mine at 70.don'tknow what it costs. :)

    get RID of that stupid code thing!! My glasses broke..i am blind!