Thursday, October 15, 2009

Morning Thunder: A Cry for Help.

Dear Blog,

I am very concerned about my dear roommate's health. I have weighed out the possibilities and truthfully, I think he must suffer from a rare illness. No human is designed to expel this amount of gas! I guess it could be the intake of fiber that he eats in a given day. Our pantry contains at least 10 high-in-fiber products at all times, that only HE consumes. I'm talking cereals, yogurts, granola bars, crackers... every single one of them reads "Fiber One," "75% of your daily fiber," or "colon blow!" I am really starting to think that he enjoys his flatulence. My dog, cat and myself have all been victims to his anal acoustics on several occasions. This can not go on.

Thank you.


  1. hahaha anal acoustics!! I think you just gave him an idea... we'll be hearing "Volume 01 Christmas Carols from Deep Within"

  2. I feel your pain, my room mate is a master farter. I can be in my room, door closed and TV on and she could be at the other end of the house and she'll let rip and I can hear it. This goes on all freaking evening. It's freaking nasty.